frugal find :: dry erase decals

I was at our local Big Lots store and I completely stumbled across these amazing dry erase decal stickers.  They are completely perfect and a set of 4 was only $3!!  I must admit it was a bit of an impulse buy, however I am really trying to organize my life.  This was a good splurge.

I decided to put them on my refrigerator in place of all those papers and clips I had.  Now I can just write down our grocery lists, meal plans, doctors appointments, anything really.  They erase like a dream too (no streaking or need to use a wet rag).  They claim to be easily removable and safe for painted surfaces.  These are not the vinyl decals, but more like stickers so I'm not sure about the painted surfaces.   They did easily remove from one spot to the next when I was trying out various places on the fridge.

I am new to blogging and I am very much the novice photographer, so I didn't realize how difficult it was to take pictures of a  refrigerator without a lot of glare.  Here is one more shot of the last decal.  They really do brighten up the kitchen.

I tried to find these on the Big Lots website, but I wasn't able to.  Maybe if you have a local Big Lots you can find them.  They were in the section with the spray paint.  I was just so excited to get these since most dry erase decals I have seen are $10 and up.

Let me know if you find any!


  1. Oh these look really fun! We have a Big Lots pretty close by, so guess where I'm headed today? =)
    Thanks for the post! I'm a new follower via GFC. Glad to be here, and thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday. My daughter was really happy to see so many wonderful comments about her trip.

    1. I hope you are able to find them! Not sure if they are in all stores.


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